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52, Mamina Sibiryaka,
Ekaterinburg, Russia, 620075

Trading House “Electrovozmash” LLC

TH “Electorvozmash” LLC carries out deliveries of freight main line electric locomotives produced in Georgia, coke-quenching electric locomotives, spare parts and units to them, and also organizes repair and modernisation of any complexity.

More than a half of all freight transportations across Russian Federation and the countries of the former Soviet Union is carried out by freight main line electric locomotives VL10, VL10U, VL11, VL11M, produced by Joint-Stock Company "Elmavalmshenebeli". The mining enterprises also use these reliable and simple in operation and service electric locomotives for technological needs. Coke-quenching electric locomotives EK produced in Georgia are successfully used on metallurgical and coke-chemical enterprises.

The priority aim for our enterprise is operative and well-timed provision of Customers which include JSC "Russian Railways", large mining and metallurgical companies, with spare parts for railway technics of high quality.

We value the Customer and we hope that information placed on our web site will help to strengthen the adjusted relationships and to establish new.