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4E1 electric locomotive

November 2005.


JSC “Elmavalmshenebeli” is a leading producer of dc main line electric locomotives within the former USSR territory. ВЛ10У, ВЛ11М, ВЛ15 electric locomotives manufactured by TEVZ carry out about half of the total freight transportation on Russian railways.

            In 2000 JSC “Elmavalmshenebeli” in the shortest possible time designed and manufactured a new  4E1 Series electric dc locomotive. This locomotive, having only four axles, surpasses in capacity by 25% the most common earlier ВЛ-22M six-axle locos. Locomotives are manufactured with ТЛ-3 type collector traction motors and are destined for hauling passenger and light weight freight trains on dc 3000 V electrified main line railways. The locomotive power rating is 3000 kW with the maximum speed of 120 km/h.

              4E1 four-axle electric locomotive is made on the basis of ВЛ15 and Э13 locomotives, it is manufactured with a single section. The project of this electric locomotive was performed by JSC “Elmavalmshenebeli”, in the special electric locomotive building and design office.

            The locomotive body is an all-metal, covered type, welded structure made of  rolled bent shapes. The bogie frame is a framework, it is a rectangular welded  metal structure.

            The locomotive running gear has bolster suspension. Transmission of tractive and breaking effort is provided by inclined rods which improve to certain extent some locomotive characteristics, in particular, coupling coefficient, running dynamics etc.

            The bogie frame is a welded structure, axle-boxes are without pedestals, with roller bearings. The torque from the traction motor shaft to driving wheels is provided through a skew rigid bilateral helical gearing.  

            Four traction electric motors of  ТЛ -3 type with series excitation are mounted on the locomotive. Traction motors are axle support, ventilation is independent.

            To cool traction motors, triggering resistors, induction shunts and compressors, centrifugal fans with electric engines of ТЛ-120 type are mounted on the locomotive, which simultaneously serve as a drive for  НБ-110 dc control generators with operating voltage of (50+2)V.

The compressor of ПК-3,5 type, for which ТЛ-121 electric engine serves as a drive, supplies the braking system and pneumatic devices with compressed air.

The electric locomotive circuitry provides separate protection of the traction motor circuit  and auxiliary machines by means of quick-acting circuit breakers БВП-5-02  and   БВП-2 respectively.

 To feed control circuits and to charge the storage battery, the locomotive is furnished with  a compact instrument panel, consisting of a voltage regulator unit, a storage battery charging unit and a unit of automatic control and safety devices, made on the basis of up-to-date electronics.

A controller of new design is applied in 4E1 locomotive, in which , instead of a master lever, a steering wheel is used, that controls traction duty, the  excitation attenuation functions is being transferred from a break arm to a  reversible handle. The controller is  compact  and built-in into the locomotive control panel.

The locomotive has prevention devices against slipping, traction motor overloading and atmospheric voltage surge. Power circuit switching devices have an electric-pneumatic drive, and  auxiliary circuit switching devices have an electromagnetic drive. The electrical circuit provides operation of the locomotive in series and parallel connection of traction motors. The locomotive movement speed is regulated by changing the grouping of traction motor connection and attenuation of traction motor excitation. Four stages for excitation attenuation  are provided.

Transition from one connection of traction motors to another as well as speed change from  fan low-speed rotation  to high speed are provided by means of semiconductor valves.

The locomotive is equipped with automatic, electric-pneumatic, emergency and hand brakes, which provide reliable service and emergency braking. The circuitry ensures remote disconnection of faulty traction motors.

The locomotive is furnished with train heating equipment.


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