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4E10 electric locomotive

December 2005.


In 2000 JSC “Elmavalmshenebeli” in the shortest possible time designed and manufactured new  electric locomotive 4E10. 4E10 is a four-axle freight and passenger DC electric locomotive with electrodynamic braking based on the principle of self-excitation, with capacity of 2680 kW and maximum speed of 100 km/h.  15 units of 4E10 electric locomotives have been manufactured since 2000.

            4E10 locomotive is made on the basis of ВЛ10, ВЛ11, ВЛ11м  engines. ТЛ-2К motors with one-hour duty of 670 kW are used  as traction. Transmission of tractive and braking effort between a bogie and a body is provided by a pivot .

            4E10 locomotive is provided an electrodynamic brake with stabilization cyclic arrangement  with self-excitation. Starting and braking resistors are magnified. The locomotive is made without the electropneumatic brake, is equipped with anti-unloading device. Signaling is provided in case of braking system wholeness failure. A defective traction motor is disconnected through foot disconnection of tractions.

            Compressed air for the braking system and other pneumatic equipment is supplied by ПК-3,5 compressor with ТЛ-121 driving motor. ТЛ-120 electric motor is used as a fan. To improve protection of auxiliary machines, a separate supply for traction motors and auxiliary machines is provided. Protection of power and auxiliary circuits arranged through БВП-5-02 quick-acting circuit switches with setting current of 2600A and БВЗ-2 with setting current of 300A.

            For automatic switching  of low-speed rotation fans to high speed and back without their disconnection, a gate circuit switching  is provided, but air-operated switch is excluded from the locomotive equipment arrangement.

            In case of defective traction motors the locomotive equipment arrangement provides operation of the locomotive with three or two serviceable motors. 

To feed control circuits and charge the storage battery, the locomotive is furnished with  a compact instrument panel, consisting of a voltage regulator unit, a storage battery charging unit and a unit of automatic control and safety devices, made on the basis of up-to-date electronics.

            A manual marginally remote  system is used on the locomotive for control of apparatuses from a single control station in modes of traction, regenerative and electrodynamic braking.

             4E10 loco is furnished with ВЛ11м  engine controller, its main lever combining functions of regulation of the mode of traction and electrodynamic braking.

            The locomotive is equipped with a pneumatic brake, which ensures reliable service and emergency braking as well as with heating system for passenger carriages.


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