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VL10U electric locomotive

December 2005.


JSC “Elmavalmshenebeli” is the main producer of direct current electric locomotives within on the territory of the former USSR. ВЛ10, ВЛ10 у, ВЛ11, ВЛ11м, ВЛ15 electric locomotives manufactured by TEVZ carry out about a half of the total freight transportations on Russian railways.

ВЛ10 у  is a freight eight-axle main line electric locomotive, intended for hauling freight trains on electrified railways with dense freight traffic, having gauge width of 1520 mm. It has been designed by JSC “Elmavalmshenebeli”, in special electric locomotive-building design office.

The body, bogie, pneumatic and main electrical equipment is consistent with that of ВЛ10, ВЛ11, ВЛ11 м electric locomotives. In comparison with ВЛ10, the load from a wheel set on rails on ВЛ10 у (weighted) is increased up to 25 tf instead of 23 tf.

All electrical equipment is intended for reliable operation at voltage rise in the contact net up to 4000 V and voltage fall  down to 2200 V, ambient temperature (outside the body) between ­ 50 and  +40 °C ( +55 inside the body), upper atmospheric moisture capacity of 90% at +27ºC. The locomotive service is permitted at the height of not more than 1200 m above sea level.

The locomotive electric circuitry provides three connections of traction motors. Recuperative braking is also possible in three connections. The locomotive multi-unit operation is not provided by the circuitry.

Mechanical part 

The locomotive body consists of two identical sections. Each section has one cab and is an all-metal structure, weldment roll-fromed, bent shape and carbon steel sheets.

Body sections rest on two double-axle inarticulate bogies through cradle suspension, which reduces horizontal acceleration on the body and side pressure of the locomotive on the track. Bolster suspension serves for transmission of vertical load from the body on the bogie frame and transverse efforts between the body and the frame.

The body frame is an all-metal rectangular structure with improved reliability. A box section pivot with reinforcing edges is made up of a proper pivot rod and a spherical bearing rod.

Wheel  axle-boxes are without pedestals,  with double guides. Movement of  journal boxes with respect to the frame is provided through shear strain of rubber-metal pulleys.

Hydraulic shock absorbers are installed to damp the body vertical vibration.

Spring suspension is made up from springs and a laminated spring sets, which is jointed suspended to the lower part of the journal-box and provides efficient vertical damping on undulated track sections.

 Eight ТЛ-2К1 traction motors with compensation winding, series-wound in the traction mode are arranged on ВЛ10 у  locomotive. The ventilation system is independent, axial, the cooling air is fed from above to the collector cell and exhausted upwards from the opposite side lengthways the motor axle.

Electric apparatuses

Electric, pneumatic and other equipment is located in the articulated double-section body with end arrangement of driving cab. ВЛ10 у sections differ from each other. The section where the quick-acting circuit breaker is installed is  acknowledged as Number 1, and the driving cab in that section is called  №1.

            The high-voltage cell (HVC) with electric equipment is in the middle part of each section, this cell being protected by the wire screen. The cell doors are furnished with interlocks, which ensure their opening only when the pantograph is lowered and locomotive high-tension circuits are grounded to eliminate electric shock hazard from the high-tension circuits for the maintenance staff (locomotive crew) .Electric equipment is of required reliability and has block arrangement which considerably lightens its maintenance and repair. Equipment parts which are badly heated during service, are under forced cooling. The air to them is supplied via the air duct from the centrifugal fan. Equipment arrangement inside the body provides free pass and access  for survey of the electric equipment.

            The locomotive is provided with remote control system. The electric equipment ensures traction motor control in both  motor and regenerative modes.

            Traction motor electric circuits are protected from short-circuit currents by БВП-5 quick-acting circuit breaker.

            Auxiliary machine electric circuits  are protected from short-circuit currents by БВЗ-2 quick-acting circuit breaker.

            Traction motors in the regenerative mode are protected from short-circuit currents by БК-78Т  quick-acting contactor.

            The locomotive is equipped with antiskid, traction motor overload, atmospheric and commutation voltage surge protecting devices.

            Commutating devices of power circuits have an electro-pneumatic drive, and those of auxiliary circuits have an electromagnetic drive.

            ТЛ-110 electric engine is used as a fan.

Pneumatic equipment

The locomotive is equipped with brakes for pneumatic and hand braking. Compressed air for braking and other air-operated devices is supplied by double КТ-6 Эл  compressors, with ТЛ-122 driving motor. Braking devices are standard.



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