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VL11M electric locomotive

December 2005.


JSC “Elmavalmshenebeli” is a leading manufacturer of dc trunk electric locomotives within the former USSR territory. ВЛ10У, ВЛ11М, ВЛ15 electric locomotives manufactured by TELP haul  about half of the total freight traffic on Russia’s railways.

            ВЛ11м  is a modernized trunk freight multiple-section  electric locomotive with the possibility of three-section full connection, with improved system of control. It is a ВЛ11 electric locomotive  modification and is destined for service on electrified railways with dense freight traffic, having gauge width of 1520 mm. It has been developed by JSC “Elmavalmshenebeli”, a special planning and design office for electric locomotive building.

The total number of manufactured pieces is 507.

            The body, undercarriage, pneumatic and main electrical equipment is common with that of ВЛ10,ВЛ10 у, ВЛ11 electric locomotives.

            All electrical equipment is intended for reliable operation at voltage rise in the catenary up to 4000 V and voltage fall  down to 2200 V, ambient temperature ( outside the body) between ­ 50 and  +40 °C ( +55 inside the body), upper atmospheric moisture capacity of 90% at +27ºC.

            These locomotives can operate with three types of connection of traction motors amounting to two, three and four sections. ВЛ11 м  has a redoubled number of reversers and braking switches, this considerably decreasing the length of power cables but slightly augmenting servicing labour-intensiveness and equipment repairs. The advanced САУРТ -034 equipment is applied ( automatic control system for regenerative braking on a new element base).

            ВЛ11 м is made up of two sections with the identical design, they differ only in location of sanitary arrangements and mounting of inter-locomotive joints.

            Essential components for operations with shunting of electric locomotives comprise the spare parts , dispatched with the locomotive. 

Mechanical Part 

The locomotive body is of streamline shape, consists of two identical sections, joined by automatic coupling. Each section with a single cab is an all-metal structure with a bearer frame, welded from rolled and bent shape and carbon steel.

            The locomotive undercarriage is bolster- suspended, this improving locomotive horizontal dynamics, reducing the locomotive side pressure on the track, passing  vertical loads from the body to  the bogie frame and transverse forces between the body and the bogie frame.

 Hydraulic shock absorbers are installed to damp the body vertical vibration. Transmission of longitudinal force is provided by ball connection from the bogie to the frame.

The bogie frame is welded, with cast pivot rod, journal-boxes are without pedestal with roller bearings.

Spring suspension is made up of a laminated spring of spiral springs. The torque from a traction motor shaft to wheels is passed through helical rigid two-side transmission with the gear ratio of 3.826. In order to provide continuous lubrication, gearings are arranged in casings.

The locomotive is equipped with eight traction electric motors of ТЛ-2К1 type with compensation winding, series excitation in the braking mode, of protected design; ventilating is independent, axial, the cooling air is fed from above  to the collector cell and exhausted upwards from the opposite side lengthways the motor axle. 

Electric apparatuses 

 The locomotive is provided with remote control system, but in the regenerative mode – with independent one. The electric equipment ensures traction motor control in both  motor and regenerative modes.

            Traction motor and auxiliary machine electric circuits are protected from short-circuit currents by БВП-5-02  high-speed circuit breaker..

            Traction motors in the regenerative braking mode are protected from short-circuit currents by БК-78Т  high-speed contactors.

            The locomotive is equipped with devices for protection against slipping, overloadng of traction motors, atmospheric and commutation voltage surge. 

            In order to balance voltage of control generators in all locomotive sections, a control panel АПУ-009 is installed.

Commutating devices of power circuits have an electric and pneumatic drive, and those of auxiliary circuits have   an electromagnetic drive.           

Pneumatic Equipment

ВЛ11 м  electric locomotive is provided with brakes having air-operated and manual control, signalling system for break of brake conduit and system for brake synchronization in twin trains, emergency braking system.



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