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EK-15 electric locomotive

December 2005.


Was developed in 2005 under the project of Special Designer’s bureau of JSC “Elmavalmshenebeli”. Electric locomotives EK-15 are successfully operated on the coke batteries of JSC “Severstal”.

We work on signing delivery contracts with Iran, Pakistan and other countries.

EK-14U are successfully operated on the coke batteries of JSC “MECHEL”, well-known metallurgical concern MITTAL STEEL  (Kazakhstan). Electric locomotives  were produced and delivered to the enterprises of CIS.

 Technical characteristics and innovations

ЕК-15– coke-quenching electric locomotive of new generation. Engine-driver’s conditions are more comfortable, mechanical and electrical parts are divided on blocks. The standard structure now includes conditioning  system of working area. It is intended for temperature rate from   -50 up to +60'C. High-sensitive thermometer is installed on the locomotive to control the transported coke temperature. Electric locomotive control system, transformers and more comfortable size essentially differ EK -15 from its predecessor. (The size can be developed for the customer’s coke battery).

Electomagnetic rheostatic braking was applied to EK-15 for the first time. It provides almost complete instant stop of the train to within +10 sm. As a result the constant usage of electropneumatic brake is not necessary. Owing to it the significant part of operational costs is reduced, and the safety level during the movement increases.

Out-of-date electrical devices, which were used in converting units for power supply of anchor shackles and excitation circuits of tractive motors, are turned to new elemental basis. Electrical part of control system is made with the use of semi-conductor technics (thyristors, integral circuits, etc).

Instead of two bulky controllers, applied on electric locomotive EK-14U, reliable compact controller is engineered and placed in the locomotive-driver panel. Locomotive power circuits and control circuits are simplified, the reliability of work is raised. For the additional increase of operation reliability stabilized voltage  source of 50V of direct current and  continuous power source of control system is introduced. The application of enclosed engines also reduces the quantity of failures.

Distant control system is applied for traction and rheostatic braking. There is a possibility of automatic control, standard interface with necessary program service. The upkeep of permanent values of traction force and creeping speeds is totally automatic.

Necessary equipment for radio traffic is installed. LAND-SOLO type pyrometers are installed on door  taking off machines for the coke temperature measuring system.

Emergency operation circuit is improved. Distant block switch-off is provided in case of traction engine  or transformer breakage. 



Voltage on current collector, V


Rated capacity on the shafts of tractive motors


Track gauge, mm


Number of phases of feeding circuit


Current frequency in feeding circuit, Hz


Gear ratio of tooth gear


Wheel diameter in rolling circle, mm


Maximum driving speed with loaded coach, km/h


Driving speed during coke reception in dry/wet quenching


Ground clearance on paddle boxes of tooth gear when tyres are not worn-out, not less than, mm


Formula of running gear

Adhesion weight of electric locomotive, kN (ts)




Electric locomotive height from railhead, mm


Electric locomotive length along the automatic coupling axles, mm


Body width with landing by carriage underframe, mm


Body width with landing by cowling, mm


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