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Electric locomotive VL11 M/6

November 2008.

Электровоз ВЛ11/М6

VL11 M/6 is a VL11 electric locomotive modification, intended for service on electrified lines with catenary voltage 3000V and track gauge 1520mm.

            The locomotive consists of 2 sections. Symbolic notation of the sections is «A» and «B». Each section contains equipment which ensures operation in duties of traction and braking with control from either cab.

            Mechanical part, traction motors, auxiliary machines, main power apparatuses and equipment for control of the electric locomotives VL11 M/6 is identified with the electric locomotives VL11 and VL11m.

            On electric locomotive VL11 M/6 multi-unit operation is not provided, it allows to reduce steel intensity of the product considerably.

            Electric locomotive is equipped with automatic fire alarm system and remote manual fire-control unit.

            Modular cabs are installed in order to improve working conditions for locomotive crews.

            The cab was designed as a separate assembling module with one-piece fiberglass body supplied with all necessary equipment. The special attention is given to sanitary and fire-prevention safety. Ergonomic and safe working area for the master and his assistant was designed. It includes: climate control of the cab; system of heating; enlarged windshield with the electric heating; controlled lateral mirrors with the heating; alarm devices and panel light on light-emitting diodes; heated floor; system of the general and local illumination; ergonomic chairs for the master and his assistant.

            Electric locomotive is equipped with electric controller system, fire safety system and diagnostic system developed by the scientific research institute «Kvant-Radioelectronica».

            Diagnostic system «Magistral-VL11» performs the following functions: diagnostics of a technical conditions of the equipment of an electric locomotive; granting the information about the device, characteristics and maintenance service of all systems of an electric locomotive; registration and transfer of diagnostic data to the external carrier.

            Fire safety system «Nitka-VL11» performs the following functions: detection of fire sign, registration of disturbing messages and multifunctions with the note of time, date and a place; transfer of diagnostic data to the external carrier.

            Electric controller system «Controller-VL11» performs the following functions: formation of control duties of the basic units of an electric locomotive.

            Electric locomotive VL11 M/6 is equipped with static converters of the second generation manufactured by Di-Elcom (Czech Republic). DCB1.1. is the static converter for feeding field windings of traction motors in a duty of recuperative braking.

            DCC15 is the static converter intended for transformation of catenary voltage 3000V of direct current to the stabilized voltage 400V of direct current. The converter is used for a feeding static converter DAC15.

            DAC15 is the static converter intended for feeding the consumers: 220 V AC (air-conditioner, calorifer, cab heater); 110 V DC (heating of cab floor, heaters of frontal and lateral windows); 68 V DC (battery charging); 50 V DC (embedded network of electric locomotive, control circuit); 24 V DC (refrigerator, panel lightning, turn and heating of mirrors).

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