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Poland: CTL Logistics grow 56%

August 2007.

Polish private rail operator CTL Logistics, one of the largest private railways in Europe, has noted 56 per cent grow in its international operations.

In the first half of the year CTL Rail, CTL Logistics\\\\' daughter company responsible for international operations have forwarded 56 per cent more freight (counted in tonne-kilometres). In 1H of year 2006 i was 203.000 tkm. This year it has grown into 319.000 tkm.

Company has signed contracts with Skoda Auto (transportation of cars from Czech Republic to Slovakia, worth 4 mln Euro), DHL Rail Europe (transportation of grain, 2 mln Euro) and Total (transportation of petroleum). CTL Rail calls the last one as its flag project.

Unfortunatelly, due to problems with passing Polish-Russian border, company was forced to quit the prestigious contract with KIA Motors for transportation of car parts from Slovakia to Kaliningrad Oblast\\\\' in Russia. Now the contract is being carried out by state-owned PKP Cargo.

In Poland CTL Logistics has noted smaller grow in the first half of 2007, but as says Krzysztof Niemiec, member of the board of CTL Logistics, company has signed for the second half of the year 28% more contracts than the year before.

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