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Poland: Giant investmens before Euro 2012

September 2007.

Polish State Railways (PKP) presented yesterday, 20 September, its offer to the private investors - attractive real estates localised next to Eastern and Western railway stations for taking part in modernisation of these stations.

PKP offers 10,700 sq metres of land laying south from the Western Railway Station tracks. Investor could build there office block with ticket offices and waiting rooms on the ground floor. Space enables for localisation of four such bulidings, each 55-metre high with double-floor car park for 800 cars. Next year investors will present architectonical vision of the new station.

On the opposite side of the tracks, PKP offers 460,000 sq metres of land for apartments, offices and hotels.

In mid-October Railways want to present similar offer for Eastern Railway Station with two parcels - 1,500 and 5,000 sq metres big.

PKP has also presented the plans for modernisation of
Warsaw railway junction (WRJ) with an estimated cost of EUR 200 mln. It has also order a geological analyse whether it is possible to dig another tunnel from Western Railway Station to Central Station under Jerozolimskie Avenue especially for high speed trains.

Railwaymen want also to rehablitate Gdanski Railway Station which is to be higly used during the modernisation of WRJ and Euro 2012 and build actually a new station called Stadion (now only a local railway stop of such name exists) connected with a planned subway station. This also for Euro 2012.

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