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Hungary: Who will buy MAV Cargo?

October 2007.

           It is still unknown which company will be the winner of MAV Cargo privatisation tender. Three of seven final bidders have resigned. ÖBB-GySEV/ROeEE and Cargo Central Europe have the biggest chance to buy the state-owned operator.

As informs Hungarian daily Népszabadság, the privatisation tender of MAV Cargo is slowly reaching its final. Only four companies decided to submit the final bid:

- Slovak consortium Spedtrans-Slavia Capital - HUF 81 bln;

- ÖBB and GySEV/ROeEE consortium - HUF 50 bln;

- British-American consortium Cargo Central Europe - HUF 47,1 bln;

- Czech-Netherland consortium New World Resources - HUF 47,7 bln.

Although the developement plan is only a 10-percent criterium, it may be the deciding one. ÖBB-GySEV/ROeEE and Cargo Central Europe have presented the best offers in terms of developement strategy of MAV Cargo.

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