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Czech Republic/Slovakia: CD Cargo and ZSSK Cargo will merge?

October 2007.

          Czech Republik and Slovakia want to merge CD Cargo (freight division of Ceske Drahy that will become an independent company from 1. December 2007) and ZSSK Cargo (Slovakian state-owned freight operator).

This information was published by Financni Noviny, and confirmed by Ales Rebicek, Czech Minister of Transport. Minister Rebicek said that such a merger is logical as the two companies operate in the same corridor and merged would bo more attractive for its strategical partners and will be able to compete with Polish and Hungarian operators.

CD Cargo is the fifth biggest railway operator in Europe. In 2006 it has lifted 90 mln tonnes of freight. After merger with ZSSK Cargo (~50 mln tonnes), that would reach 140 mln tonnes and place the company on 3rd place in Europe (after Germany and Poland).

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