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Romania: Rail vision lacks cash incentive

November 2007.

Romania is a willing partner for harmonisation with the European train network and has the framework for a liberalised train system – but lack of cash is stalling the progress of rail.

Romanian rail is not in a disaster. Billions may be needed for infrastructure. Railway stations need serious upgrading. New communication systems and electrified lines are necessary. Yet, the country is becoming interoperable with the EU and its investments target the European Corridors that link up with a comprehensive vision for continental transport.

“Romanian Railways are already in the process of harmonising with the EU standards and its eastern neighbours,” says Michael Arshad, senior railway consultant at Louis Berger. “There is a hell of a lot development going on.”

Experts agree that Romania is keen to conform to the EU blueprint for rail transport. “Romania is a model for the countries in the region and the local authority works according to the latest relevant European directives,” says Roxana Lazar, CEO of public finance bank Dexia Kommunalkredit Romania.

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