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Poland: Kaczynski wants Caspian oil to arrive by train

December 2007.

              It is possible that in may 2008 the Caspian oil will arrive from Brody in Ukraine to Poland in wagons - Polish president Lech Kaczyński said in Odessa, adding that PKN Orlen would most probably be the key receiver.
Supplies by trains would be precede the extension of the Odessa - Brody pipe, which, according to Kaczyński, could conslude in  2010-11. This time frame was confirmed by the Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko.

This scenario was prepared three years ago, but was not implemented because the Ukrainian side decided on hiring the pipr to transport the Caspian oil through Odessa. The primary plan assumed transporting the oil in the opposite direction - from Odessa to Brody. It was supposed to be caspian oil, different quality than the Russian product.

- The rafinery in Płock is the most probable main receiver, according to the Polish president. He added that he already consulted the idea head of PKN Orlen, Piotr Kownacki.
Source: Railway Market - CEE Review

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