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Russia: RZD announces the results of oil transportation to China in 2007

January 2008.

In 2007, Russian Railways invested more than RUR 2.3 billion (EUR 62m) in the project of transporting oil to to China. The first phase implemented between 2004 and 2008.

As part of the project, 26.5 km of secondary track were commissioned at 4 sidings on the stretch between Karymskaya Station and Zabaikalsk last year, while 4 stations were reconstructed (Aga, Shakhterskaya, Khadabulak and Borzya) and 2 sidings for passing trains with 16 km station track commissioned.

In connection with the forecast increase in shipments of oil and petroleum products and the increased trade passing through the Zabaikalsk border station, it was decided in 2007 to continue the wholesale reconstruction of the section between Karymskaya Station and Zabaikalsk, including the electrification of the track between Karymskaya Station and Borzya, the second phase of investment in the Transportation of Oil to China project, which is due to last until 2010. The total cost amounts to more than 28 billion roubles.

In 2007, preparatory work was also carried out. One main line was reconstructed on the stretch between Karymskaya and Borzya, continuous welded rail track was laid on stretches of Siding 83 – Dauriya and Bilyutuy - Matsievskaya, the stretch between Karymskaya station and Borzya was electrified and Zabaikalsk Station was reconstructed.

The Company invested more than 1.6 billion roubles in the implementation of the second phase of the project in 2007, OAO RZD’s Department of Corporate Communications reports.


Source: Railway Market

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