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Azerbaijan, Iran Russia: Railway electrification

April 2008.

Senior railway officials from Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan confer in Tehran on electrification of parts of the country\'s rails system.

The tripartite gathering on Saturday focused on expanding technical and scientific railway cooperation, reported IRNA on Saturday.

Electrification of railway lines between the cities of
Tabriz and Azarshahr, Bafq and Bandar Abbas as well as Tehran and Mashad were on the agenda of today\'s talks.

At the meeting, the head of
Iran\'s Railways Hassan Ziyari hoped that establishment of Qazvin-Rasht-Astara line would facilitate transport of goods along the North-South Corridor at the Caspian Sea border.

Iran has taken decisive measures to interconnect the railway lines of the neighboring countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq,\" he added.

\"Two other rail projects connecting the cities of Bam and Zahedan as well as the one between Khorramshahr,
Basra and Shalamcheh are currently underway and making good progress,\" concluded Ziyari.

The head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin and Ziyari clinched a deal on electrification of Tabriz-Azarshahr railway at the end of today\'s meeting, which was attended by the head of Azerbaijan State Railway Arif Asgarov.


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