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Ukrzaliznytsia Tightens Regulations on Use of RZD Railcars

April 2008.

The state administration of the railway transport of Ukraine (Ukrzaliznytsia) on April 1 tightened the regulations on the use of Russian Railways’ railcar fleet on the territory of Ukraine.

Now, the Ukrainian companies after accepting the cargo in the railcars owned by RZD are to ship these railcars back to
Russia without delays, avoiding car detention and the use of this rolling stock for the transportation inside the country (Ukraine). RZD has announced its intention to establish a regime of the immediate return of railcars which implies the fine in the amount of 200 Swiss francs for failure to meet the deadline of one day when using one railcar in Ukraine, Railway Market-CEE Review reports. The railcars can be used in the way traffic only. In accordance with the agreement between Ukrzaliznytsia and RZD the volume of the Russian open-top cars used in Ukraine is to be 15 000 units. However, in Q1 2008 the volume of railcars reached 20 000 units.

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