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Poland: Railway will get Berlin and Szczecin closer?

May 2008.

The talks between authorities of Szczecin, Zachodnipomorskie and repesentatives of Berlin and Breandeburg authorities are held in order to get both cities closer to each other. At least if we are talking about travelling by rail and plane.

- We want to coperate with authorities of German capital city and Breandeburg land. We think that we need constant informations exchange. Berlin informs us about their investment plans and we inform them. After talks with mayor Klaus Wowereit we decided that we'll focus on airport in Berlin and railway connections issues - says Daniel Wacinkiewicz, director of Szczecin's president office.

The Germans are going to develop their new great airport, which is under construction - Berlin Brandenburg International. In one year after finishing the works, it should transport over 30 mln of passengers yearly. Some of them would be form
Szczecin and zachodnipomorskie region.

- The discussion was also about shortening travel time from
Szczecin to Berlin by rail - says Wacinkiewicz.


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