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Russian Railways to invest 67 billion roubles in West Siberian Railways in 2008-2010

May 2008.

Russian Railways will be investing 67 billion roubles to develop West Siberian Railways between 2008 and 2010, beginning with over 22 billion roubles in 2008, according to Vadim Morozov, First Vice-President at the Company.

It is anticipated that the implementation of the planned investment projects will increase the throughput capacity and infrastructure of West Siberian Railways, meet the demand for transport service quality and increase the productivity of rolling stock by a balanced development of all parts of the production base.

In IQ 2008, productivity on West Siberian Railways increased by 17.9%, above the average of 13.2% for the whole network. Wages on the transport side increased by 27.2% compared to last year to 20,203 roubles.

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