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Railway to Deliver 33.7 Mln t of Cargo to Big Port of St. Petersburg in 2010

May 2008.

In 2007, transshipment of railway cargo in Big Port of St. Petersburg totaled 26.386.6 million tonnes including 2.103.1 million tonnes of import cargo and 24.283.5 million tonnes of export cargo, PortNews reports.

Port of St. Petersburg is serviced by port stations Avtovo and Novy Port. In 2007, import of cargo via Avtovo totaled 1.263.0 million tonnes (alumina, grain, cont cargo), export – 18.424.3 million tonnes (oil products, mineral fertilizers, coal). In the same period, import via Novy Port amounted to 840,100 tonnes (mainly grain), export – 8.883.5 million tonnes (mainly timber, ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal).

According to the Master Plan for the development of railway and maritime transport in the North-West region till 2020, by 2010 Big Port of St. Petersburg will handle 33.7 million tonnes of railway cargo; in 2015 – 38.0 million tonnes; in 2020 – 39.1 million tonnes.

To handle growing volumes of cargo Oktyabrskaya Railway has carried out lots of reconstruction works from 2000 including reconstruction of St. Petersburg-sorting – Moskovsky, construction of new railway line Predportovaya – Avtovo with extension of six receiving and departure tracks to 1.5 km at Predportovaya station, construction of new and extension of the existing receiving and departure tracks at
Novy Port station, electrification of the sorting-and-departure yard’s neck, introduction of a local interlocking system in shunting necks of the sorting-and-departure and sorting yards.

Source: RZD-Partner

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