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October Railway Infrastructure Development Estimated at RUR106 Million

May 2008.

In 2008, as a part of the project designed to increase the throughput capacity of Sonkovo - Khvoynaya -Budogosch - Kirishi - Mga of October Railway the investments will total RUR106 million. The reconstruction of this railway section will ensure the traffic of freight trains running to Ust-Luga port. Sonkovo and Khvoynaya stations will be reconstructed with lengthening the existing railway lines and building the new ones. The project is being implemented in cooperation with North Railway where similar developments are to take place. After the reconstruction work, a part of the cargo flow will deviate from Transsib to the railway section Galich - Kostroma - Yaroslavl switching to Yaroslavl - Rybinsk - Sonkovo and further along the routes Sonkovo - Khvoynaya -Budogosch - Mga and Mga - Gatchina - Veimarn running to Ust-Luga. (USD1 = RUR23.5846)

Source: RZD-Partner


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