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Czech Republic: Railway investment to CZK 30 billion

June 2008.

Czech Republic will draw around Kc70bn from EU funds as part of the Transport operational programme in 2007-2013.

It is the first time EU contribution will be evenly distributed among roads and railways, Kodysova said. The EU will cover around 60 to 80 percent of costs needed for corridors construction.

The cabinet decided to modernise the four main railway corridors in the 1990s.

The first two corridors - one linking Decin in northern Bohemia with Breclav in southern Moravia and the other leading from Poland across Moravia - have been almost completed.

The construction of the third and fourth corridors - from Prague to Austria and from Plzen, western Bohemia, to Germany - is still under way.

The main four corridors, of which three are part of the European backbone network, should be completed in 2016.

The European Commission plans to transfer around half of cargo which is now transported by road on railway tracks in the years to come, Kodysova added.

The SZDC also wants to invest in less important regional railways and improve conditions for passengers.

Investment in railways

Year Sum in CZK billion
2007 18
2008 27
2009 32
2010 35
2011 28

(1.00 CZK = 0.0399249 EUR)

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