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Kuzbass Railway Infrastructure Development Investments Total RUR1.4 Billion in January-April 2008

June 2008.

About RUR1.4 billion was invested in the development of the transport infrastructure and improvement of the rail transport of the Kemerovo Region in January-April 2008, including RUR793 million allocated by Russian Railways and RUR581 million by the coal companies and industrial companies of the region. Coal companies and industrial enterprises are developing the approach lines and stations, acquiring new rail equipment. For example, Kuzbassrazrezugol started the second stage of the reconstruction of Sarbala. SUEK-Kuzbass reconstructed Sokolovskaya station. Yuzhkuzbassugol is building a connecting line between Kazankovskaya and Erunakovskaya stations. Kuzbass Fuel Company is reconstructing Uba station. In 2008, RUR10.85 billion will be invested in the development of the mainline and industrial rail transport of Kuzbass, including RUR6.06 billion allocated by RZD and RUR4.79 billion by coal companies and industrial enterprises. (USD1 = RUR23.8019)


Source: The RZD-Partner



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