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New industrial electric locomotive for JSC «Belon».

July 2008.

Tbilisi electric locomotive building plant produced new industrial electric locomotive 4Е10 for JSC «Belon».


Электровоз 4Е10 в Белово-1 

Электровоз 4Е10 в Белово-2 


4E10 is a four-axle freight DC electric locomotive with electrodynamic braking based on the principle of self-excitation, with capacity of 2680 kW and maximum speed of 100 km/h.

TL-2К motors with one-hour duty of 670 kW are used  as traction.


Электровоз 4Е10 в Белово-3 Электровоз 4Е10 в Белово-4


Electric locomotive 4E10 is intended for shunting work.

Electric locomotive 4Е10 was transferred to the customer in the beginning of July for carrying out of tests in conditions of technological process.

The delivery was carried out by the General distributor of Tbilisi electric locomotive building plant – JSC «Dortechkomplekt».


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