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Ukrainian Railways: Results of H1 2008

September 2008.

In January - July 2008 Ukrainian Railways lifted 309.9m tonnes of freight, 6.4$ more in comparison to to the same period of 2007.
Of this volume coal reached 60.6m tonnes, 10.1% more, coke - 7.1m tonnes, 17.0% more, oil and oil products - 8.2m tonnes, 22.9 less, iron and manganese ore - 45.3m tonnes, 8.3% more, ferrous metals - 25.1m tonnes, 2.2% more, scrap ferrous metals - 3.9m tonnes, 3.4% more, timber freight - 2.8m tonnes, 2.1% less, chemical and mineral fertilizers - 4.5m tonnes, 7.1% more, grain and milled products - 6.0m tonnes, 32.6% more, cement - 6.9m tonnes, 11.4% more, construction material - 37.1m tonnes, 2.2% more, other fright - 40.2m tonnes, 0.9% more, Railway Market-CEE Review reports.

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