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Ukraine, Russia: Launching of a new container train

November 2008.

A new container train “Landbridge” running via Zabaikalsk (the Russian Federation) has been launched on the route ChinaWestern Europe. Ukraine and Russia have initiated the project of a new railway container service ChinaWestern Europe.

As of the middle of November over 15 trains with high cube containers passed on the new route. The decision to improve the development of railway container service was approved during the fourth meeting of the transport subcommittee of the Committee on Economic Cooperation of the Russian Federation and Ukraine held in Moscow, RZD-Partner wrote.

The new project “Landbridge” was the key issue discussed during the first meeting of the work group in Kiev. In the result, the decision was taken to handle the organizational problems of already existing container trains, as well as organize the new ones, specifically the container trains “Landbrige” which handles high cube containers from China to Western Europe via Zabaikalsk.


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