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Modernization of electric locomotives

Nowadays a number of electric locomotives does not meet the modern requirements for new generation technics both in profitability and reliability, and in locomotive crew operating conditions.

However, even having an opportunity to get new electric locomotives – there is no need to reject the old ones: major overhaul and modernization is a worthy way of rolling stock updating. The significant part of units and devices of the locomotive become physically and morally outdated more quickly, than the machine as a whole. Investments into major overhaul and modernization provide the increase of locomotive operation terms by 15-17 years.

Limited Liability Company “Elmavalmshenebeli" successfully carries out major overhaul and modernization of main line and industrial electric locomotives of different modifications. Modernization of locomotive park is directed on  technical characteristics improvement and reliability increase.

We offer suitable modernization programs for each kind of our production. The main criterion in program selection for each customer is economic efficiency and optimum cost of works. Everything depends on technical condition of device and customer’s purposes.

The modernization program represents a complex decision, that’s why modern sanitary norms are also considered. The workplace of locomotive driver is projected in parallel with locomotive hardware.

In general our programs are quite competitive. Modernized electric locomotives have high reliability. Besides that the volume of maintenance service reduces considerably.